Friday, 8 November 2013

Update from Zim

Sending greetings from balmy Zimbabwe.
Just a brief update from Harare.  School is going well. Only three weeks left and then return to British Columbia for a short break before returning to Zimbabwe to start classes again in January.  It has been quite a run-around to get everything in order to obtain a temporary work permit.  Thanks Brenna for all your help.  I think finally we have all the documentation needed and the application is with Zimbabwe Immigration.  So now it is in God's hands.  If we are to be here then it will happen.
On Thursday I visited the Village of Hope where I spoke to the moms and aunties of the homes.  Those are the ladies who care for the orphans.  I had been asked to come and speak to them about Burnout and Burnout prevention.  I have included a picture of the ladies.  We met in one of the homes.  Each home has eight or nine children.  The moms and aunties do all the things any parent would do, such as cooking, cleaning and in general raising the children.  They remain at the orphanage until they reach the age of eighteen.  I will go again another time to speak about respect.

Glen and I actually went golfing yesterday.  It was fun.  The golf was very reasonable and we even had a caddie. The scores weren't super but we enjoyed ourselves.  This Sunday I will be doing a teaching on 'Leadership' at one of the local churches.  Lots of opportunity to get involved. Following the service we will go out for lunch with six other missionaries.  We are making a habit of doing that on Sundays.  The restaurant we are going to has a Christmas Special on so it will be interesting to find out what that actually is.  So far the restaurants we have gone to have been great and prices are pretty reasonable.

Last evening we had Grace and King in for supper.  They are the caretakers for the Bishop and I think I mentioned before that they live here on the property.  It is very interesting listening to their experiences.

Everyday brings some new experiences as we continue to explore Zimbabwe and be open to each new experience.

I will try to blog one more time before we leave Zimbabwe and head home to Canada.

Love and Blessings to all