Saturday, 31 October 2020

Greetings friends and family everywhere. 

I believe I started this blog in April, 2020, and never finished it so,  I will send on what I had written at that time and then resume with current updates.
Previously I wrote:
Wow!!! Live is certainly changing daily as we, all of us, face the pandemic that has presented itself. It is, indeed, a challenging time as people face loss of jobs and the reality of self-isolating.  We are called to stay home as much as possible.  As we face new realities and daily changes I just want to encourage all of us to reach out to others, to encourage each other and to realize that indeed we are all in this together.  We are not alone.
I continue to stay in touch with my friends and colleagues in Zimbabwe.  I have been home in Canada since mid December, 2019 and ask for all of you to join me as we pray, not only for our friends and family here in Canada and the US, but to also pray for people all over the world.  Let's count our blessings and look to the positives in our lives.
In my beloved country of Zimbabwe so many people live in what is called 'high density' suburbs or settlements.  What that means is that many people live in small crowded conditions where physical distancing is virtually impossible.  The country is in such chaos and economic dysaster that one prson was quoted as saying we choose food or we choose Covid - 19.  That reality is hard for us to grasp.  And, yes, I realize it is challenging times for all of us.

Now to move on.  It is now  October 31st and I just realized I never did complete the blog I began way back in April.  Actually, a dear friend and former colleague, mentor, supervisor and boss, just mentioned that she had not received a blog from me in a long time.  Thanks Margaret.😀😀😀  I think I needed that push.  And indeed it is past due time for me to invite all of you, once again, into my life and all that is happening.  2020 has certainly been a time of both challenge and reward, as it has been for so many. 

I was disappointed that I was not able to return to Zimbabwe in August for the start of a new semester.  However, as things unfolded, our college, like so many around the world, was on lock-down.  We, as faculty at PACC (Pan Africa Christian College) manage to have meetings and weekly get-togethers via WhatsApp.  So, we went to work to see how we could offer our classes online.  We do not currently have the capabilities in Zimbabwe to offer classes through the many classroom platforms springing up, but have managed to work through a telephone app called WhatsApp.  It is challenging, to say the least, but at least our students are able to continue their studies.  I am keeping connecting with students via WhatsApp, figuring out new ways to journey with our students as they prepare to take their place in ministry in various roles in their communities of faith.

I have booked my ticket and will be returning to Zimbabwe in January for the beginning of the next semester.  In 2021 we will have a graduation with around 70 students graduating from the various programs.

Here below, I am posting a few pictures to share a bit of who we are and what we do and invite you into my inner circle.

Our college street sign here above.
Our staff and students in picture above.
Our tea-time Gazebo!
The above picture and the one below showing our staff and students on clean-up the community day.
Our green house which helps to feed our students and provide some revenue.
Our library which was graciously enlarged with donations of over 2,500 books from both Canada Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada and the U.S. Assemblies of God. 

Just enough to perhaps keep you interested in my adventures.  Please pray for me that God will open doors as I return to the place I consider to be my second home, PACC (Pan Africa Christian College, in Harare, Zimbabwe.

Well, my friends, I certainly will try to get back to blogging at least once a month.  It seems I don't have a whole lot to blog when I'm at home here in Canada.  I'm so looking forward to returning to Zimbabwe as I truly believe that is where God has called me to be.  I do not believe the work he has called me to do there is finished and until such a time as I believe he has released me from that responsibility, I will go. 
Until next month, love and blessings to each and every one of you.

Tuesday, 18 February 2020

Greetings from British Columbia Canada.  Thought it past due time for me to update evryone on what is haappening in my life.  It is indeed a stange feeling living in two vastly different countries.  Just to show the contrast I have a picture of the weather when I left Zimbabwe in December and then in Canada in January.  Howwever, the vast differences are not limited to the weather.  Canada is such a land of abundance while Zimbabwe is a land of great need.  The reality is that the eonomic situation in Zimbabwe is on a constant decline.

I am fortunate to be a Canadian citizen and it is humbling, indeed, to have opportunities to assist those less fortunate who struggle even to provide the necessities of live for their families. I am reminded that it is truly in giving that we receive.  It is good to be back on Canadian soil; but I do miss Africa and family (adopted) and friends there.

I was blessed beyond measure to have my sister Laurie join me at PACC for a month (November -December) and she certainly was a tremendous help to me with marking papers and whatever else I asked her to do.  It was great to just have her company, enjoy daily walks and introduce her to my way of life there and to have her meet my colleagues and friends.  Inserted below is a picture of the two of us with one of my classes.

In our economic struggles, we are often times without ZESA (which is the acronim for Electricity).  The locals say it stands for' Zimbabwe Electricity Seldom Available'). That is a reality as electricity is avilable for only a few hours at night. During the day when we have no electricity and no fuel to run a generator our college cook manages to make meals for our students by cooking outside. The picture below shows Puparai cooking the noon meal.

Since returning to Canada I have had opportunities to share stories from Zimbabwe with a couple of local churches here in British columbia who are supportive of our college.  I am thankful for all who support us in so many ways.  Thank you!

March 1st is missions day at our church and I will have a display set up and have opportunity to share with many of our congregation the work and the needs of my adopted country.

February 22nd I will leave for a brief trip to Kenya where I will be attending an APTEA (Association for Pentecostal Theological Education in Africa) conference. I have been privileged to facilitate teacher training with that orgnization over the past three years or so and am looking forward to the conference and the opportunity to meet with others throughout the African Continent who are doing the same thing.

Our college enrollment is increasing inspite of the difficult economic times. We have students from Mozambique and Namibia as well as from Zimbabwe. These students are hungry to learn more of the Word of God as they either enter into ministry for the first time or enrich the ministries they are already engaged in.  It is indeed a privilege to be able to journey with them as they prepare to face life with all its ups and downs.

I am busy packing and preparing for our conference in Kenya and will update again on my return at month's end. 

Thank you for all your prayers.  May you continue to be blessed.