Thursday, 12 December 2019

Greetings to all my family and friends on the North American Continent.

My time here in Zimbabwe for this go-round is wrapping up.  Classes finished last week and now am busy doing an internal audit and some final reports before I fly home to Canada on Monday, December 16th.  I arrive in Canada on the 18th.  Just in time to get ready for Christmas, whatever that looks like this year. Glen has already put up the tree and sent me a photo of it.  Looks great and I'm now anxious to be home.
My sister, Laurie was here for one month with me.  It was great to have her here and she certainly was a big help with reviewing papers, completing some of my reports and just attending my classes and helping in so many ways.  We did manage to have some fun and do a few things besides work.  We went walking everyday and even got soaked in the rain one day.
We went to the Village of Hope Orphanage and school where we joined with the Canadian orgnization rep for ERDO (Emergency Relief and Development Oveseas) who organizes and runs a feeding program at a number of different locations.  The principal from our College joined Laurie and me and we ccompanied the ERDO rep journeying to an outlying school where we assisted with feeding nearly 500 children. It was a new and very reqarding experience for all three of us.
Am attaching a couple of pictures.

 A picture of the line oup of kids waiting to be fed.  These feeding programs (through Canada) are operated on a daily basis and for these children that will be their only meal of the day.  They bring their own dish-most times not acceptably clean by our standards, perhaps not even washed from the day before...but they are receiving something to nourish their bodies.  And we were blessed to be a part of it for one day. 

It was just awesome having some sister time together with Laurie here.  We do not live in the same province so have not spent that much time together forever.  It really was special to have her here with me journeying with me in my 'other' world, very different in so many ways from life in Canda and yet the same in many other ways. Thanks so much Laurie. 😘 You are not only my are my forever friend.


The last few days have been mixed with completing an internal audit, finalizing paper work, meetings and packing up my belongings.  I will not be living in the same house when I come back next time so my office is beginning to look like a storage bin.  

Tomorrow I will be taking my young Maka to make sure things are in order for her for the next school term.  And I am trying to make the rounds to spend time with friends and colleagues to say my goodbyes before catching the lane on Monday for my return terip to Canada.

I am so looking forward to connecting with many of you when I am back that side of the world.  Hoping to see many of you in person and connecting with others for long telephone conversations.

So for now, Musare Zvakanaka ( Farewell)
Towanonana - (See you another time)

Love and Blessings to you all.