Monday, 5 October 2015

Better Late Than Never????

Greetings all
     I'm trusting that the saying in my heading is actually correct...and hoping that none of you have forgotten me as it has been such a long time since I blogged.
     The weather is absolutely wonderful.  It is my kind of weather with temperatures reaching 30 degrees during most days.  I love it; I love it; I love it!!!  Trees are in full bloom although rainy season is not here yet.  I'm attaching a couple of photos taken on our street and at the college.  The Jacarandas  are amongst my favorites.  The brilliant purples just remind me of wedding settings where flowers are scattered along the path for the bride and her entourage to enter.

     Hate to sound like a broken record, but the reality is it has been very busy here.  Busy with things such as having company and of course, classes and the like.  We were blessed to have Jaquie, a good friend from Nova Scotia (just recently having moved back to Canada from Houston), a good friend of hers (Jen) from Vancouver and Jacquie's sister, Sam and her husband Todd (newly weds) living in Halifax and just about to move to Toronto spend a couple of weeks with us.  It was such fun.    We had four guests and Glen and I all crowded into our little cottage.  We gave up our bedroom and the spare room and Glen and I moved into our living room for the duration.  Although we had the use of two vehicles when we travelled out of Harare, when we were around town we all crowded into one and a couple of us would crawl into the back of the truck and believe we were locals.  It is quite a common practice here although not something I've done since childhood days.  The first picture attached below is of Jacquie and I taking our turn riding in the back.  The second one is of Glen and our guests enjoying the evening meal at our camp site.  The group of us went to a place called Mana Pools (about a 6 hour drive) where our good friend Frick from Bulawayo guided us on game drives.  The picture is taken at the camp there at Mana Pools.  And then later Glen took our guests to Victoria Falls while I started back at the college.

     Our missionary friends from Ontario, who have lived in Zimbabwe for about three and one half years, returned to Zim last Thursday.  It is great to have them back and we are trying to cram as much fellowship in as we can as they are only here for a short two months.  So, the other night we went to a live performance at a local theatre here.  The play was a comedy titled "Where there's a Will..." and we all had a good laugh.  That was the first time any of us had done something like that here.
I'm also keeping busy helping Maka (our sponsor child) in numerous ways and we have them to our home quite often.  She is involved in talent competitions and is now doing singing, modeling, dancing and presenting.  It is quite an experience for many local children and it is about participation; not all about winning.  I had hoped to include a couple of pictures of Maka singing and modeling but my camera seems to have done something weird and has corrupted some of my pictures.  Isn't technology great????  Rather I think it is that I am still somewhat technologically challenged and I have no doubt it is because of something I have done.  Maybe my techy guy can help.  He usually does.
     This week we have been honored to have Canadian missionaries, currently, living in South Africa, spend a couple of days with us. Cecelia, Felix and their 16 month old daughter Hanna are visiting family and friends here in Zimbabwe.  It has been lovely to meet them and host them here at our cottage.
     We still have no idea of what the future holds for us here in Zimbabwe.  I am busy trying to get everything arranged just is case we do not get an extension on our work permit and have to leave the country before this college term ends.
     We are so looking forward to returning to Canada again at Christmas time and hopefully (prayerfully) by that time we will have some answers as to whether or not we will be returning to Zimbabwe.  Part of the planning for 'whatever' is making arrangements as to how I can assist the college from Canada.  Technology does allow for such things and while that is not necessarily what I would prefer; it can be a workable solution.  I see myself still being able to act as an advisor and assist in the process of accreditation, along with other possibilities as to how we, as a college, move forward even in these difficult, challenging economic times.
     I think I will call it quits for now and go and pick some mulberries and perhaps make a mulberry crisp. (If our electricity comes back on at some point this evening.  We now are without electricity most of the time.  It usually goes off about five am and returns about 9-10 pm.  Thank heavens for our generator to at least charge our phones and my computer.  We have a gas two burner stove so cook on that.  I prefer gas to electricity anyway and that is even what I have (propane) at home in BC.
     So, enough said for now. 
     Sending much love and blessings to all.