Sunday, 16 May 2021


May 16th. 2021

Once again, greetings to my family and friends in Canada and the US.  This may be my final blog from this side of the world before I return to Canadian soil.. My return to Canada begins on June 7th.  I will then, unless things change rapidly, have to spend 3 days in quarantine in a govenment approved hotel in Toronto which is my first point of entry into Canada.  Sadly, the way things are at the moment I have to pay for the hotel, three meals a day (which I'm sure I won't eat...I never eat three meals a day, and certainly not from menues chosen by someone else).  However, I do need to come home so guess I'll have to abide by the rules.  Even if I don't agree with them.!!!!  I did enquire to see if it was possible to only pay for the hotel room but that is not allowed.  If I had my druthers, I would prefer just to fast for three days, or order room delivery from a local restaurant to be able to order what I would like. Not allowed.  I guess our Government wants our money.  But, enough complaining.  It will be good to get home, whatever it takes.  I am keeping informed on changes regarding Covid-19 restrictions and the like, both online, through my travel agent and of course my hubbie keeps me informed on a regular basis.

Time has passed very quickly and I have been busy teaching and marking papers.  Classes ended end of April and we celebrated graduation (the first in three years) which was an awesome event.  I'm inserting a couple of pictures here.  The first picture is of our grads just as they prepared for the grad exercises.

The next couple are of the grad ceremonies.  The entire graduation, including the exercises and the grad banquet, was held outside.    Each of our grads was presented with a study Bible, along with their certificate, as they begin their ministry in the various areas throughout the country.  

Here is a photo of yours truly with one of our grads and his pastor.

Amidst all the celebrating and enjoying such a fabulous week here at PACC, there are always the reminders of the situation on the ground here in the midst of poverty and the struggles of our people.  Yesterday as Rev. Munaki (our principal), his wife Charity and I were running errors around town we drove through Mbare, one of the high density areas of the city.  Although we are not supposed to, I took a few pictures so I could share with all of you the reality of life here in Harare for so many people.  Below is a picture of the street market and this gives you an idea of how many people try to eek out a living. These street markets, as they are called, line the streets in many areas.   

Indeed, each day is a combination of joy and sadness.  It grieves my heart to see the struggles of the general population here.  The sadness comes in knowing that it is all so unnecessary.  Zimbabwe has all the resources to enable it to be a prosperous country.  Sadly the corruption runs deep.  The few at the top enjoy the rewards earned on the backs of the struggling majority.  I met a young man at church today who had been severly beaten by his landlord because he could not pay his rent.  Reality can be tough.

My joy comes in watching the young men and women graduate and knowing that I have been privileged to play a small part in their lives as I have journeyed with them through their studies.  It comes in seeing people who hold onto faith, they hold onto their trust in God and a hope for the future.  They prayer for their country, for their leadership and for God to intervene on their behalf.

As I prepare to return to Canada, I know that a piece of my heart will remain here in Zimbabwe with the people I have come to love.  

On that note I will close this blog.  I hope you hear my heart and I solicite your prayers for all of my 'family' and friends here at PACC (Pan Africa Christian College) and throughout this beautiful country of Zimbabwe. 

Sending hugs to all.