Sunday, 1 December 2013

Greetings once again from Zimbabwe.
We will be boarding the plane tonight for our return to Canada.  This past week has been an extremely busy week.  Monday and Tuesday were final exams at the college.  Here at PACC all the desks were moved into the Chapel where all the students gathered to write their exams. I was taken back to memories of my high school days were all the students gathered in the gymnasium to write final exams. 
Then once exams were over, of course the task of marking those loomed immediately ahead. We had house guests arriving, Valerie Penny from Canada and Janice from Kenya for our graduation so I spent a couple of very busy nights marking exams so I could be free to spend time with our guests.  They arrived on Wednesday and stayed with us until Sunday.  Valerie and Janice were our first 'overnight' guests here at the cottage and it was a delight to have them here.  We have made some more new friends. Both Valerie and Janice are involved with PAOC.  Valerie is involved with the 'Timothy Fund" which supplies scholarships for students at various colleges throughout Africa and Janice is a long term missionary from Canada to Kenya.  She has been in Kenya for about 13 years.
Graduation was a two day event and certainly was a time of celebration.  I was privileged to be the guest speaker at the graduation banquet which was on Friday evening and then the graduation ceremonies took place on Saturday, November 30th.   I have included a couple of pictures, one of the Principal, the Academic Dean and me; the other one is of me presenting an award of excellence to one of our students.  Will send more later but wanting to get this off to all of you before we leave.
On Sunday (yesterday) I preached at one of the local church plants here. I'm sure our time in Canada will be gone very quickly and before we know it we will be returning to Zimbabwe to begin the next school term.  We leave Canada on January 6th, 2014.
Life is good.  God is good.  We have been so blessed to have this opportunity to minister in this way.
I thank all of you, my family and friends for your support.  We feel your love and your prayers.  Thank you!
Love and Blessings


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