Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Greetings family and friends
Time to blog once again and update everyone on where things are at for us.
Today, I have taken a huge step in faith and have just booked my flight back to Zimbabwe.  (Still waiting for my TEP (temporary Employment permit) but trusting God to work out the details of that). Please continue to pray for us.  We so appreciate all the support we have received...and yes, to those of you who ask if we are safe.  Just to reiterate...God called us to be there and He will protect us.

I will be flying out of Kelowna on August 3rd and will arrive in Harare, Zimbabwe on August 5th. Glen will be joining me at a later date.  We will have the same cottage we had previously in Harare and the truck is still available for us.

While here in Canada I have been privileged to share our Zimbabwe experiences with many and to do some fund raising for the Village of Hope orphanage and school for underprivileged children in Zimbabwe as well as simply spending time with family and friends.  Thank you to all who have assisted us in these endeavors.

It has been great to be home but it is now time to return to our other home.  The work God has called me to do there is not finished yet and so we are believing for time, health, grace and strength to complete that work.

So now that the date is confirmed, I can begin to do the packing and preparation.  What do I take? What can I take that will assist my friends and colleagues in that country?  How do we help?  We know that we can not possibly help everyone...but we can help in small ways and perhaps bring a sense of hope and encouragement to those whose lives we touch.

Library resources made available to our college by the combined efforts of Canada and the US are, I believe, on their way and perhaps have even arrived.  The last information I had indicated that the books were at customs just waiting to be released.  In addition to that I have received 1500 ebooks through Africa's Hope via contacts with the AOG (Assemblies of God) in the US.  I have taken those and copied (with permission, of course) nearly 80 copies to USB's and will take those with me to PACC (Pan Africa Christian College) library for use by our students.

So, in the midst of struggles, some good things are happening.  The economy is not good in Zimbabwe and getting worse but we continue to pray for better times ahead.

Heading to Alberta tomorrow to attend the graduation of our 17 year old great-granddaughter, Destiney.  Way to go, Destiney!!!!  We are so proud of you.  While in Alberta we will visit as many as possible as this will be the final trip for me before I leave.  Then on return from Alberta we will have our missionary friends here for a reunion.  Looking forward to that and to sharing our Zim stories and the like.  The Norries, from Ontario, have just returned from a one month trip to Zimbabwe and so will update us on the economy and changes since we came back to Canada in December.

No pictures for this time...but promise to be in touch soon.  Will try to blog once more before I return to Zimbabwe.

With much love and many blessings to all.


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