Sunday, 7 February 2021

 Greetings to all you beautiful people in Canada and the US.  

 Wow...lockdown in Zimbabwe!!!  Lockdown in the world!!!  Life has certainly changed over the past year.  The 2nd lockdown here in Zimbabwe came into effect while I was intransit on my way to Zimbabwe and against some advice to turn around in Toronto and return to British Columbia, I really felt to carry on.  So with a negative Covid-19 test in hand, I boarded Ethiopian air, had a brief stop in Addis, Ethiopia and then on to Harare.  Clearing customs at the airport was uneventful and then suddenly here I was, halfway across the world in Africa.  Weather is beautiful and warm.  Perfect for me.  I looove the heat!

I arrived on Wednesday and it is now Sunday morning...nearing noon here in Zimbabwe.  We have just finished our 'family worship service' which I hosted at my home.  Home services are allowed with your family unit. Rev. Munaki (principal of our college) lives just across the way from me on on campus, and has kindly invited me to be part of their family circle.  The circle includes Charity, Munaki's wife, his sister Tendai and her young daughter Hazel, and Munaki's two teenage boys.  We are studying through a serious on evangelism, what that means to each of us, and how we do evangelism.  In the midst of lockdown it is good to have others to get together with in prayer and discuss biblical concepts.  I am truly blessed.🙏🙏

Week two...Last week was a difficult week in some ways.  At that time I did not have transportation, as my truck was not on site, but was in Mutare, a neighboring city, undergoing repair.  Although there's really no place to go anyway.😢😢.  I woke up one morning to a feeling of being trapped.  We were on lockdown, I was without transportation and I was half a world away from the comfort of my home in Canada.  It was a strange feeling but one which I had to acknowledge and work through.  I did this by simply walking around the campus, spending time in the prsesence of God and giving thanks for the many blessings I enjoy...the most important at this point in time is that I am healthy.  I have travelled halfway around the world amidst lack of social distancing in airports and yet am protected.  I am so privileged to be able to call home through WhattsApp and as I do that, my feelings of loneliness disipate.  I am connected and all is good. 👌

Later.  I'm busy with class prep and just needing a break from educational things so thought I'd ramble a bit on my blog.  Thinking of all my family and friends back in Canada.  Even though we are doing our classes online, it has been a busy time.  I think, in many ways, it is more work teaching online than it is in the actual classroom.  There are numerous challenges, not only for our students, but also for us as lecturers.  It is truly a learning experience.  Hey, I guess that means one is never too old to learn.  😂😂😂 

We have had a lot of rain here lately.  A couple of storms have left us without power.  But on the positive side, we are not without power on a regular basis as in the past.  Also there are no fuel lineups and fuel is readily available.  The rain has left everything beautifully green.  Attaching here a couple of pictures showing firstly the beautiful night sky of the impending storm and then simply the beauty all around us here after the rains.


Both of those pictures are taken just outside my house.  

Well, break time is over.  Must get back to responding to my students.  Will finish this off later.  

Now is later.  It is now February 7th and I have now been in Zimbabwe for more than one month.  So, I thought I'd best add a few more lines and send this out so all of you know I am still alive and well.  Ignore what I said earlier about electricity not being as challenging as in the past.  It is now an ongoing challenge.  It almost seems to be off more than it is on.  Such is live and as my mother used to say "you just make do".  

We have just had 54 students added to our first year classes.  As a way of connecting on WhatsApp and getting to know my students remotely, I am having each one post a picture of themselves and a brief bio.   I now have six classes.  Two days a weeek I am teaching from 5:30 -7:30 in the morning and then 4 days a week from 9:00 to 11:00 but of course am available at other hours.  It certainly is a different way of teaching but we make the most of it to redeem the time.  (That's an expression borrowed from one of my bible college professors long back).

Big news.  I just went and got a hair cut today.  Chico, the barber who I went to in the past when I was here. is now doing home visits.  I was first introduced to him by my dear friend Nellice as that is who cuts her hair.  So he was going to her home to cut her hair and she phoned me to let me know.  Wow, that was a biggee!.  I'm sure some of you can relate in not being able to go to hair dressers and the like.  It sure felt good.  As I said, life has changed.  Things we have in the past, taken for granted have now become almost a gift.

Well, my rambling has come to an end.  I must prepare for tomorrows classes.  So, until next time, blessings to all.


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