Thursday, 5 September 2013

Hi to everyone
I have been in Harare for two days now being hosted by a lovely Canadian couple, Gay and Elizabeth Norrie.  Gay and Elizabeth are the Directors of the Village of Hope and I had opportunity to visit and tour the village yesterday.  Gay and Elizabeth met me at the airport along with a party of about 10-12 others, including some officials and the Principal of the College were I am to teach.  I will move into my little cottage tomorrow.  Classes don't officially start until Tuesday, September 9th.  Monday, Sept. 8th is registration day so I will be at the college on Monday to meet some of the students and get set up for classes.  Today I met with the principal and numerous other staff members at the college and enjoyed lunch outdoors with them.  Sasza and vegetable soup or sauce (made with cooked greens...somewhat like spinach) along with rice and vegetables. I believe the rice and veggies, with a little chicken thrown in for good measure, were served simply because they had a visitor (Me.)  I'm not crazy about the local food but I'll get used to it (or not).  I will be doing my own shopping and cooking at the cottage.  They have a fabulous market not all that far from the cottage and the selections are good.  The people here are very warm and welcoming.  And the weather is great.  I love it! 

Prior to coming to Zim, I spent a few days with Geoffrey, Monique and family in Texas.  It was great to have some time with them before leaving North America.

Upon arriving in Zimbabwe there was the usual clearing customs and security and then going to immigration to apply for my Visa and then on to collect my luggage...which all arrived safe and sound...praise God.  On two previous occasions when I came to Africa (Cameroon) my luggage did not arrive with me and so I was stuck wearing the same clothes for a  number of days.  Of course I had to wash them out at night.  All worked out in the end as both times my luggage finally arrived.  Back to Zim and my current trip...At the end of a very long day and two long flights ( 10 hours from Houston to Amsterdam and then another 9 hours from Amsterdam to Harare) I arrived and was so glad to see all the smiling, welcoming faces there to greet me. 

Enough chatter for now.  Hopefully the next blog will include some photos.

Love and Blessings to all.


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  1. Good to hear that your settling in! Cant wait to hear more :)