Friday, 20 September 2013

Update from Zim!

Greetings to everyone.
Well, I'm still relatively new at this thing called 'Blogging."  I wrote an update the other day and then saved it.  Now I can't find it.  So here's to a fresh start.  Also, I have no idea of how many of my friends or family back home in Canada can actually access my blog.  If you can simply send me a quick email to let me know.  Those I don't hear from I will try and include again.  (Brenna, where are you when I need your expertise?)

Classes are well underway and I am quite enjoying the challenge of teaching in an entirely different culture.  My third year class on 'cross-cultural studies' is interesting to say the least.  Class members and I are all enjoying the differences in our cultures and that certainly precipitates discussion to other cultures as well.  I have a class of 20 students and they are a good mix of both men and women.  My 'ACTS' class is smaller with only ten student, all male.  That is my second year class and at first, being all men, they were not so interactive.  However, as we got into Acts and discussing the various passages, such as those regarding speaking in tongues, as referenced in both Luke and Acts, and other topics such as water baptism and the baptism of the Holy Spirit, the discussion got very lively.  That opened the class up and subsequent lively discussions are taking place as we study the book of Acts together.

Last evening I had the Principal and his wife as guests at my little cottage for supper.  A very pleasant evening.  Our conversation centered around future plans for the college and what my role in those plans might be.  As our Academic Dean introduced me to the third year class on the first morning of that class, he told them that if I did not stay for the nest two years it was their fault.  Now that's a heavy to lay on a class!!  I don't know where he came up with two years as I have only ever talked about being here for the year 2014.  Maybe he knows something I don't know!

I'm finally getting fairly comfortable with getting myself back and forth to the college without fear of getting lost.  Driving on the 'wrong' side of the road has not presented any particular problems.  Yesterday I actually ventured out on my own and found my way to a very nice shopping center and back home.  All this, mind you without my usually trusted GPS.  Maps, as well are in short supply in Harare and as of yet I have been unable to purchase one.  The Norrie's have loaned me one but it is fairly old and does not have all the streets.  Some of the streets here are not very well marked which adds to the difficulty for newcomers to get around.

I am including a picture of the welcoming committee who were all there to meet me at the airport when I arrived.  Will send more pics with the next blog.
Love and Blessings


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