Sunday, 9 September 2018

Updates from Doc Marj and Zimbabwe

Greetings to all my family and friends

This blog will be short as it is probably past due time for an update on what is happening in my world.  In response to many of your questions, Yes, indeed, I am returning to Zimbabwe.  Albeit things have changed in how that unfolds.

Much of the work I am doing with our college in Zimbabwe can now be done via internet and other multimedia communication systems.  So for the next few years I will be working with PACC from Canada and going to Zimbabwe twice a year for two month stints.  I will spend four months each year on the ground in Zimbabwe.

After Glen and I returned to Canada in December, 2017, I returned to Zimbabwe in March/April of 2018.  I will be leaving Canada September 28th and returning to Canada December 4th, 2018.  As I will be going without Glen, my accommodations in Harare have changed and I will actually be staying right on campus.  (Glen has certainly done more than his share as he has simply gone along with my call to serve in Zimbabwe for nearly five years and I so appreciate his willingness to go with me, but now it is time for him to be home in Canada, and I am fine with that.)  Being on campus will be a good things as it means I can work late in my office and not have the concerns of driving home after dark.  (That is not considered to be safe, especially for a white woman alone.)  Do not be alarmed as I say that for I am perfectly safe on campus and surrounded with loving-caring people.  And I heed the advise that I not be out alone after dark.

Time here at home in Canada has been busy and great.  Time with family, connecting with many of our friends, being involved in ministry opportunities and the like has made the time go way too quickly.

Currently I am packing and preparing for the return to Zimbabwe.  I will be teaching block courses (intensive one week courses) during my time in Zimbabwe, along with facilitating teacher training and advancing our accreditation process.

The next blog will be an update once I am on the ground in Zimbabwe, so probably early October.

Love and blessings to all


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